You'll Smile When You Discover How Affordable It Is To Have Professional Voice Overs For Your Video & Multimedia Projects

If you're using a video, multimedia or PowerPoint presentation with a narration, the quality of the voice over, music and audio can make or break that BIG sale you've spent so much time, effort and money on.

Dear Friend,

For important sales presentations, would you send your best... or your worst salesperson?

What an incredibly stupid question!

Yet, so many companies try to save a few bucks by using staff members, friends with good voices, or an "English expert" when they record voice overs for marketing videos, multimedia presentations and PowerPoint slideshows.

A dull, uninteresting voice creates a dull, uninterested audience - who will never buy what you're trying to sell.

When you're in a presentation - you want to make your BEST possible impression. You can't afford to have the odds stacked against you. Everything must work in your favor.

It makes good sense to have the best voice and audio production possible when giving your presentations; or when you're producing any multimedia or video projects.

Your company's image and reputation is at stake.

And the surprising thing is that... the cost of recording a PROFESSIONAL voice over talent is extremely affordable - it's laughable when a company wants to save those few bucks - and lose thousands of dollars in sales!

Let me show you what I mean...

Here are two recordings done for the script below:

"At work, you have to deal with potentially hazardous chemicals. By understanding proper safety procedures, and how to handle these chemicals, you can minimise health risks, and avoid accidents."

Click below to hear the sample done by the amateur...

Can't play the audio?
Click here for the MP3 file.

Now, click here to listen to the same thing read by a PROFESSIONAL!

Can't play the audio?
Click here for the MP3 file.


So if you're ready to consider hiring a pro to get the job done, and are not sure which recording studio to call....

> Listen to what professional voice over talents say about us...

Pei Lee - Radio DJ, News Reader, Professional Voice Over Talent

Edwin Sumun - Professional MC, Writer, Professional Voice Over Talent

Sandra Sothy - Professional Voice Over Talent, PR Agency Owner, Scriptwriter, Dramatist

Geoff Nicholson - Professional Voice Over Talent from Malaysia

TEN Things You Can Expect When You Record
At Sunshine Multimedia

Our studio is a modest one - don't expect warm plush carpeting when you record with us. If you're surrounded by luxury, you're the one probably paying for it!

But here's what you CAN expect to take home - a Quality voice over recording  you'll proudly show to your customers, bosses and clients.

#1 - Quality Recordings By Professional Voice Over Talents

Our voice over talents are members of the Voice Guild of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor - a registered group of professional voice over talents, radio DJs, broadcasters and TV news readers. Membership to the Voice Guild is controlled to maintain quality.

What this means is that you will have a finished recording that is polished, professional and will impress any listener - and most importantly, your customers.

In addition, foreign voices or accents are also available. How about Russian...

Gene Venger. Russian professional VO talent, actor and producer.

Or perhaps a North American female voice.....

Here's Sharyn from Missouri, an incredibly versatile voice talent.

Or a male voice from New York...

Meet Douglas from New York. Professional VO talent, & actor

#2 - Recordings Done By Skilled Sound Engineers

A sound engineer will assist you in your recordings to ensure that you will capture the best possible sound. You'll get an engineer with a passion for audio, not someone who just works for a living. You'll have an engineer who's willing to stake his reputation on the quality of the recording done. You want the best, don't you?

#3 - Digital Recordings

All recordings are digitized using the shortest path possible into high-quality 24bit/96kHz recordings to ensure pristine quality. We don't mess around with tapes and old analog equipment.

#4 - State Of The Art Equipment

All recordings are done with tube preamps (that glow in the dark) to ensure a warm inviting voice that is not jarring to the ears and faithfully captures the emotions of the narration.

#5 - Mastering Included Free

Recording the audio is only the first step to getting great audio. After the recording process, the audio has to be edited to take away breadth noises, saliva clicks and pops (only great microphones can pick this up) and to finally ensure a loud, clear and undistorted master CD that will sound just awesome.

#6 - Integrated Services For Multimedia & Video Producers

We started out producing 3D animation, multimedia CDROMs, and video productions. Because of this, we UNDERSTAND exactly what is needed by the production houses. You final audio can be in WAV, AudioCD, SWF, MP3, SWA  - whatever format you're comfortable with in your production environment. For your technical staff, it's just a simple "drag n' drop" process into their authoring program - cutting down your production time, minimizing errors and ensuring consistent quality.

#7 - Owner Operated

Sunshine Multimedia is owner operated - this means that your work will be done by a team dedicated to great audio production. It's not owned by some rich investor who plays golf while the company is wasted away with employees just "earning a salary". As owners, we have a much higher stake in the business - not just financially, but in our long-term reputation. We personally suffer financially and professionally if our quality ever drops!

#8 - Unprecedented Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, you feel that our work is not up to YOUR standard, just say the word and we'll refund your money. We don't want unhappy customers and we believe in delivering quality. That's something that has rewarded us with the next point...

#9 - In Business Since 1994

Yes, we're a 10+ year old company with thousands of hours of track record behind us. YOU will profit from our experience and know-how acquired over the years. Would you rather go to a newly graduated doctor, or one who has had his practice for 10 years?

#10 - Great, Unbeatable Prices

Our overheads are low. We don't invest in dinosaur equipment nor do we put our money in ultra expensive gear used by million dollar budget Hollywood studios. We get the job done using equipment used by lean and mean, top project studios in the US and UK. We subscribe to 6 magazines just on audio production to keep ourselves razor sharp in this technology. Remember, we're geeks and you profit from all this technology at a much lower price than the "big boys".

#11 - A Multitude Of Related Services

In addition to voice over recordings, here's what you can do in our 1-Stop audio workshop:

  • Convert audio cassettes to AudioCD with individual song tracking
  • Audio restoration of old, damaged and unclear recordings to CD Quality masters
  • Extraction of audio from video and conversion to AudioCD and other audio formats
  • Conversion of English dialog to other languages e.g. Mandarin, or vice versa.

#12 - Script Writing & Editing

Is your script convincing enough to sell your company or product? Does it make customers want to happily buy your product or service? It all depends on your script. We provide not just script writing but also editing of existing scripts.

Very often scripts are written by persons who have never sold anything in their life. Don't expect them to be able to write something that will convince your prospects to part with their money, or to make that phone call to enquire about your products. That takes skill and a mindset that knows how prospects think. You need a copy writer, not a script writer. Try us, you'll be glad you did.

Well, we promised 10 things, but ended up writing about 12!

That's what you'll get with Sunshine - we OVER-DELIVER!

Listen to what our customers say about us...

Working with Sunshine Multimedia team has been a pleasure. They are a dedicated team who are meticulous in their preparation and execution. Their attitude is professional and flexible. They always deliver what they promised.

Douglas Ong - Bezal Communications

...they are well equipped. They are also very professional in their work and are willing to offer ideas to enhance our storyline. That helps us to produce better productions for our client.

Jeffrey Chai - CCN Communications

I find the work conducted by Sunshine Multimedia Productions very very satisfying and I would strongly recommend this company for your needs.

Major Nick - The SpyCatcher

Call us today for a great voice over recording, audio mastering, restoration and anything else related to audio...

We look forward to be of service to you.

To Your Success!
Victor Voo

P.S. Our schedule is normally packed, call early to place a booking.

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