Voice Over Recordings
Customers send us their scripts to be read by professional voice over talents. These scripts are for video presentations, multimedia productions, PowerPoint slideshows, a radio or TV advertisement, telephone response systems, or whenever a high quality voice recording is needed.

After recording the voices, we remove unwanted parts of the recording leaving only the required portions of the script. Clients may also request for an AudioCD containing the unedited recordings.

We then convert the audio into the requested audio format. This could be an AudioCD, WAV, AIFF, MP3, Flash, MPEG, or Quicktime.

Audio Restoration
If you have an audio recording that needs to be improved e.g. a bad quality recording done with a portable MP3 recorder, or an old cassette recording, we can improve the quality substantially, allowing you to hear the content clearly.

Bad quality audio would mean that the audio is muffled, too soft, distorted, very noisy, or has crackling noises.

Audio Compilation
If you need a special AudioCD compilation e.g. for a drama or presentation, we can extract tracks from separate AudioCDs, cassettes, video recordings and compile a special version for you. Please note that you will be responsible for any copyright issues arising from this compilation.

Cassette to AudioCD Transfer
If you have an expensive or sentimental collection of cassettes, we can convert them into AudioCD or MP3 for convenient playback or longterm storage.

Audio For Video
We can add background music, sound effects and narration to your video recordings or video projects. The final product can be a DVD, VCD, video tape, MPEG, AVI or a format suitable to be played back on computers or notebooks.

Radio Spot (Advertisement) Production
We have done radio advertisements for Shrek2, Van Helsing, Bridgette Jones, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Radio ads can be produced from scratch if needed, or adapted from existing video or audio recordings.

MP3 Conversions
Convert your AudioCDs to MP3 or vice versa.

Telephone Recording Services
We can record telephone conversations - this can be for quality assurance purposes, testimonials from customers or for security reasons. We use professional equipment which ensures clear recordings everyone can easily hear.

Music & Sound Effects
Call us if you need music or sound effects for your projects - video, multimedia, PowerPoint, etc.

Want To Be A Voice Over Talent?
We have a RM300 package that allows you to do a voice over recording with us. A variety of ready-made scripts will be provided for your convenience. We'll then edit and add music to your recording. The final AudioCD can then be used for promoting yourself for your voice over or MC services - or just for the fun of it!

UK, US or Foreign Voiceovers
We provide voice over recordings done by overseas voice talents. If you ever need a "real" American or UK voice for your advertisements, we can arrange one for you that is just right.

Live Sound Engineer
If you have a big event and need experienced sound engineers to mix the sound, call us. We have engineers here that mix regularly on huge 56 channel mixers. Skill and experience counts and we can provide these for you. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

Other Audio Services
If you have other audio requirements not listed above, please call us - we can probably help.

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